Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Our expertise is divided over five Business Units. The synergy between these areas of expertise ensures that Volantis can offer you a comprehensive range of services: from design supervision, construction management and realisation to strategic management.

Volantis ConsultantsVolantis Consultants

  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Sustainability

Volantis Industrial ExpertsVolantis Industrial Experts

  • Development production facilities
  • Improvement of production and procesenviroment
  • Strategic utilities and energy management
  • Construction and project management

Volantis Systems & EnergyVolantis Systems & Energy

  • Custom installations
  • Sustainable energy
  • Validation and testing/verifying
  • Strategic administration and management
  • BIM services

Volantis Buildings & StructuresVolantis Building & Structures

  • Complex and smart construction
  • Advanced analysis and models
  • Research and building construction problems
  • Reorientation and building transformation
  • Civil & Infra

Volantis Information ArchitectsVolantis Information Architects

  • Information Solutions
  • BIM Expertise
  • Technical Site Management